Medtail Clients at Western Retail Advisors

Where you once would go to a medical office building to visit your doctor, you can now find your local dentist, physical therapist, or acupuncturist popping up at your neighborhood-anchored retail center. This new concept coined “Medtail” where retail meets medical, is quickly popping up in retail centers across the U.S.  Now more than ever, medical and wellness facilities have sought new environments and are moving towards mixed-use retail formats. Consumers seek convenience as a top priority, and health and wellness are the cornerstones of this trend.


Many of our medical and wellness clients prefer the retail environment, as it creates a fun, inviting atmosphere where people traditionally thinking of going to the doctor as an unwelcomed visit that often feels sterile and cold.


At Western Retail Advisors, we are excited about this growing trend, and enjoy seeing these new tenants enhance the customer experience and diversify the retail mix. To learn more about Medtail, and see if it’s a fit for your business, reach out to us at 602.778.3747.